• Theia is an AI project
  • with huge future potential
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Theia is an AI project with huge future potential.

We are building and training a computer vision model with a unique approach which will be capable of handling many image classification and vision tasks for clients from transportation, security and other institutions


The Theia community shares a common vision backed by shared values. Theia is a long term project with a mission of building a system capable of identifying the visuals around it and by extension understand the environment and world it operates in. Supported with the work of the committed members of the community, Theia will be able to achieve its mission and provide great service to the users of the solutions it provides and value to members of its community whom will ultimately own Theia.

At inception, the idea was to use the available technology of the time, peer-to-peer network protocol to make a p2p image search. Users would label and tag images they want discovered and other users on the network would search to see an image of whatever they want to see. Fast forward 10 years later, deep learning and Artificial Intelligence have made image classification and computer vision possible. With a strong community to provide data and the compute necessary to train its model, Theia has taken a unique approach to providing service and value using its technology.